happy holiday everyone! ;)

today was my 3rd day @ Seoul, Korea..

i had fun...a lot of fun!!!!

eventho this morning i received some comments from "i dont know who"
that ... i think she cannot accept and DID NOT respect my relationship with my FIANCE..
ahhh well...im still happy...

truely happy..

"dear",  watever happen....just LET IT GO~....

u cannot do anything to fix this.. even me myself also cannot change the fact that
"the things" already happen..

be happy... i thought after u send me that loooonnnnnggggg letter, u felt releived.. isnt it?

wtv it is...i dont care anymore..
as long as he love me, choose me, and wanna spent the rest of his life with me... ;)

"sarang hayo hariz farid!!!"

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