Today is my 5th day at Mecca City, Saudi Arabia ;)

Semua nya ok kat cni.. Tenang je hehehe

Eventho yesterday AGAIN i received a comment from "i dont know who"..

I had enough girl.. Its hurt..really..

Stop messaging
Stop commenting
Stop stalking
Stop contacting me or him

Just stop....

Oh one more thing..how dare u telling me u got a feeling that MY FIANCE still in love with u??? Haha..

Pity u dear. U shouldnt say that..

Again..i dont care. Yes im hurt.
But with hariz by my side and kept telling me that he love me, then im ok.
Im happy. And i cant wait For our big wedding day to come :)


All the way from Saudi..updating this blog using my sweet iphone4..

KD!! Dont reply this post. Cos i dont bother to read it anymore. End

P/s:i deleted ur name already. But u still dont understand.i faced this problem with him.if im not, i'll straight away broke up with him without listening both side story.dont worry.he told me everything.its same as what u already told me.its really hurt. And yes karma.u dont even know me. As i said b4 just accept the fact that i choose hariz to b my husband.and u dont know the reason y.yes i love him. This is my last post about u. Hopefully u'll stop. Tcare.

..senyum, x perlu kata apa2..

even camel knows.. how to stop when i said so. lalala~!

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