Today is my 5th day at Mecca City, Saudi Arabia ;)

Semua nya ok kat cni.. Tenang je hehehe

Eventho yesterday AGAIN i received a comment from "i dont know who"..

I had enough girl.. Its hurt..really..

Stop messaging
Stop commenting
Stop stalking
Stop contacting me or him

Just stop....

Oh one more thing..how dare u telling me u got a feeling that MY FIANCE still in love with u??? Haha..

Pity u dear. U shouldnt say that..

Again..i dont care. Yes im hurt.
But with hariz by my side and kept telling me that he love me, then im ok.
Im happy. And i cant wait For our big wedding day to come :)


All the way from Saudi..updating this blog using my sweet iphone4..

KD!! Dont reply this post. Cos i dont bother to read it anymore. End

P/s:i deleted ur name already. But u still dont understand.i faced this problem with him.if im not, i'll straight away broke up with him without listening both side story.dont worry.he told me everything.its same as what u already told me.its really hurt. And yes karma.u dont even know me. As i said b4 just accept the fact that i choose hariz to b my husband.and u dont know the reason y.yes i love him. This is my last post about u. Hopefully u'll stop. Tcare.

..senyum, x perlu kata apa2..

even camel knows.. how to stop when i said so. lalala~!



after 3 years ++ we've been together,

this is our first & last time celebrate love day as an engaged couple ;)

thank you for everything mr h. heee.

dinner @ The Spread, The Gardens Hotel

Buffet style : eat as much as you want beybeh. ooo yeah~!

the food was......AWESOME!!!

nice view..
nice environment..
nice food..
semua nice lah. ;)

 ..for him..

..for me..


walaupun org delivery bunga tu hantar kol 11 malam,
nana suka! thank u!! ;)

i love you hun.

*cant wait for nxt year. woot2!



atas permintaan ramai..
nana post blog ni..

"how to make a very simple pomanders?"
 step 1 :

step 2 :

step 3 :

step 4 :

step 5 :
- any shape will do. sharp corner or curvy.

step 6 :

step 7 :
- for this step, pls be careful. if not, the tissues will easily break. 
and u have to start all over again ;)

step 8 :

step 9 :
tadaaa. finished! ;)

have a try. and good luck! heee



ari ni duk layan2 buat 3d.. tetibe tertekan satu website ni.. haha.

name : Victorian Style Computers..

wouldn't it be fun to surf the web with one of these
RETRO-FITTED victorian style computer by old time computers?

im mesmerized by THEM!!!!!

they even have iphone & ipad holders!!!!!!! ;)

oh hunny!
jom la kite cari ni untuk hantaran~

**u can view all of old time computer designs here.



sementara ada kat msia ni....mkn puas2 nana! :)

next week dah nk fly fly away lg.. huuuu~

last nyte layan selera naga makan nana n arez at D'sutra Melawati.

.. kampung fried rice..

..manggo & green apple juice..

..d'sutra prawnara spaghetti..

 the foods was nice but the price.... x worth it lah..
 mencekik sikit. huhu



after a long holiday..

benda first nana buat...is tidooooo zzzz.. ;)

pastu lunch dgn mr h @ delicious midv!! heee..

lps lunch , balik rumah..
pastu sambung tido :)

bangun2 je, i received an email from mr h.. weee!

;) i love you too!!!



today is my last day at Seoul, Korea!!!

Tae Yang! jom la ikut balik malaysia ;)


miya neyo oppa hariz... hahaha!
papepun, tak sabar nk balik kl..

nk jmpe mr h!!!! :)
org kat atas ni xpe... nana x love die pun. ngehngehngeh..

* minami yeyo - handsome
* miya neyo - sorry

(xtau nk eja..tau sebut je..)


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