today is the last day of May! 

i've decided to participate in 'photo-a-day" challenges , under Instagram App ;)
last time, i did participate in January challenge. then... February , March & April.. i was fail to do so..
and May..i manage to follow until the end. hehe 


enjoy the pics ~ :)

1. peace (nana pegi gym!)
2. skyline (otw to the office)
3. something you wore today (im wearing poplook polkadot dress)
4. fun! (suki & kioko r having fun.hehe)

5. bird (drawsomething)
6. you (yeah thats me)
7. someone that inspires you (of course la my hubby)
8. a smell you adore (my current perfume - dior & channel)

9. something you do every day (err..start minum enfamama dah.but im not pregnant yet.) heee
10. a favourite word (calling my kesayangan and say thanks to clients)
11. kitchen (sneak peak je cukup.hehe)
12. something that make you happy (my diy HB lah)

13. mum (my sweet mother in law and my mummy)
14. grass
15. love (curik jap from my photobooth props collections)
16. what you're reading (some books - a gift from my parents.thanks daddy & mummy!mwahs)

17. snack
18. something you made
19. a favourite place (beach..island..salt water..miss miss!)
20. something you can't live without (my family!!)

21. where you stand (in front of my sweet suki)
22. pink (im wearing pink hijab on that day)
23. technology (layan tv b4 tdo is my new hobby.hehe)
24. something new (nana tgh tunggu the right time je ni to launch my new hijab's stick pin collections)

25. unusual (jarang terjadi.7.30pm and im still stuck at the office that day) 
26. 12 o'clock (time to mandi!wee)
27. something sweet (me & hubby are having sushi for dinner.sweet kan?uweek)
28. the weather today (38 degreeeee panas sungguh)
29. a number (random je)
30. your personality (yes..i love to blog)
31. something beautiful (baby lauren lunde!!!!oh my..oh my..)


on the next challenge pulak. photo-a-day june! weee! (klo rajin la kan..haha)


  1. waaa.. fun nya! :D macam mane nak join yg June punya ni sis :P

  2. rina.. google @fatmumslim june challenge. hehe.. ada dh list ntuk june :)

  3. ok sis.. thanks :) just snap picta, post kt intsgram je kan? :P

  4. yup :) pastu letak je tag #photoadayjune :)



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