hello2 february! last month....

i've decided to participate in 'photo-a-day" challenges , under Instagram App ;)

enjoy the pics. :) 
1. me (sick at home)
2. my bfast at the office
3. someONE i adore
4. letterbox

5. something i wore (my engagement ring and wedding pendant)
6. makes me smile (semestinye suki)
7. favourite (my fav black cat ever)
8. my sky
9. daily routine (weekdays : full time as interior designer. weekend : full time hand bouquet maker)
10. childhood (me me me at kemasik)
11. where we sleep
12. close-up (errh)
13. in my handbag(the reason why my hbag berat mcm batu)
14. something i read (email cukup)
15. happiness (bile tgk suki selesa tahap max tdo)
16. morning (sesi tahan sabar dalam jem.hehe)
17. water (fking cold water yg nana slalu karate pagi2)
18. something i bought (time visit Kuching with hubby)
19. sweet (my fav sweet moment - nikah day)
20. someone i love (my hubby!)
21. reflection (with suki.heee)
22. our shoes (at rumah mode, bandung, indonesia)
23. something old (me & hubby back in 2002)
24. guilty pleasure (spa spa at bandung,indonesia)
25. something i made (diy handbouquet, lauk2 for hubby, hijab's stick pin & wedding bunting)
26. colour (amaris hotel, bandung,indonesia)
27. lunch (kenny rogers)
28. light (dlm wakaf Sapulidi, bandung, indonesia)
29. inside my fridge (basically - junk foodsss)
30. nature (Tangkuban Perahu, bandung, indonesia)
31. me. again!

on the next challenge pulak. photo-a-day february! weee!

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