i just want to share ;)

this is how i make my own vintage wedding bunting..

 "how to make a simple wedding bunting?"

 step 1 :

..what u need is a bunch of vintage cotton fabrics , scissor,
sewing machine & A LOT of ribbons..

 step 2 :
..cut any shape u like.. can be half circle, rectangle, or even square.. up to u..

 step 3 :
..sort it out by designs or colors..
and for me, i ask my lovely suki to accompany me while im doing this..hehe :)

 step 4 :
..then start sewing! :)..

 step 5 :
..then I just hang it somewhere in the house. haha..
..during my wedding day..

..this is my workstation at the office..

hope all b2b out there, can try do this DIY. its fun!
have a try and happy diy-ing ;)


  1. thanks nisa :) try la buat. buat kecik2 pun takpe. hehe. nana ada buat satu kecik pastu gantung kat office. haha

  2. Do you sew the sides? if not the thread will come out right?

  3. suka jugak :D

    buatkan utk as jugak lah nana..hehe

  4. nuha , thanks!

    sham, i did not sew the sides. but make sure u using the good quality of fabric. if not, sure all the thread will come out one. :)

    asfiza, hehe..nana mmg sewa wedding bunting ni. klo nk yg baru... akan dipertimbangkan. haha..

  5. nana.. kamu sgt kreative! n yani sgt adore u.. hehehee.. aci x?? pastu nk jeles ckett... sbb yani xde sewing mchine!~ hahaahaa... tp dh pujuk hubby suh belikan utk yani... heehee.. welldone nana.. heee

  6. haha thank u yani! ni pun sewing machine mak nana ni.. nana pun duk pujuk2 hubby gk suh beli satu.. hhehehe
    thank u thank u.. :D



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